Update on Minimalism


I wish I would have done this sooner. If you remember a couple posts back I talked about a 30 day minimalist challenge that I was venturing on. After the second day I too it a step further and moved into my every day life. I’ve paired down my clothing, kitchen, living room, Logan’s room, the laundry room, and the bathroom. I couldn’t believe how much “stuff” I had just sitting there that someone else could make use of.

My stress level has significantly dropped, my house is always cleaner, it’s easier to get dressed in the morning. You guys, this is the way to go. Stick around for more posts on how I did it but for now…go clean out your junk with a glass of wine and be prepared for instant relief.

Call me crazy!

Just keep swimming
Dear Meghan,

You are unstoppable, and I am so proud of you. With no chances, no handouts, no help, you have managed to grow into this amazing woman. You have not stopped learning or reaching for great over good.

I remember when you hit the publish button on your blog. You had zero writing skills. You didn’t know where to put a comma (you probably still don’t) and you were not even sure what you were doing. But you did it, you became a blogger. Then you bought your first domain. You became an instant Pinterest celebrity for your lazy workouts.

Then instead of being okay with where you were, you decided you wanted to be better. You wanted to share your passion for marketing, branding, and millennial leadership. You had the gumption, passion, and you were not afraid to fail.

Look at us now!


Your Future Self


I have a passion for marketing, branding, and proving millennials are amazing leaders.

I started a blog that is centered around this (see line one).

I will not be leaving VioletSage in the dust.

If you want to read. I’d love to have you!

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The Minimal Life



To the point: I am ready to take things down a notch in some places and ramp them up in others.

A little more: I love life, but I am starting to feel overwhelmed. I don’t believe it has to be this way. On Sunday I listened to all of the Ted X YouTube videos on minimalism and living life with less. I grew up homeless most years, so less is in my blood.

After pinning a couple of key pieces, the picture above really resonated with me. So I will begin on Saturday and continue through the 30 days. I’ve also been decluttering, not organizing, just getting rid of the excess. My husband thinks I may have jumped off my rocker, but when I uncluttered just my jewelry, I found I had peace…yes..peace with jewelry lol.

So please hop on for the journey.
If you’re a minimalist, I’d love to hear your experience.
Here is to a less cluttered life.

I Rented the Runway



Pretty excited about the bold move I made for a work event. See that yellow dress up there? That is the first time I have ever worn yellow, and I’m wondering what took me so long!!!

The three women beside me are all surgeon’s. I am not kidding. Surgeons. We were celebrating Dr. P’s graduation from her Minimally Invasive Surgery fellowship. The venue was swanky and so I headed to Rent the Runway to find some cute threads. I had over 10 pinned to my love board. Most of them were safe (which is my middle name) except for this yellow nha khanh dress. Without drinking wine and after MUCH deliberation with myself, I clicked checkout and it was a done deal, I was going to wear a yellow dress.

When it arrived I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was in person. The fit was perfect, the length was a little short for my liking but the tulle made it ok. I felt like a modern-day Belle.

Have you experience Rent The Runway?

What do you think…can I pull of more yellow in my wardrobe?

5 Year Anniversary – Wood

five year anniversary

I like to think I am somewhat traditional so when it came to finding Wes something great for our five-year anniversary, I was stumped. The traditional gift is wood (wood, come on people). I searched and searched for something perfect. There were ideas for wedding bands, cakes, fire pits, and amazing prints but nothing that grabbed me. Then I had an ah ha moment, watches, Wes loves watches there has to be a wood watch right?!

I found Jord!

The watch is high quality and completely worth the price. Wes loved it and it gives a chic look to any outfit he has on. Yet another year of me rocking the anniversary gift. I’ll never beat year 3 but I’m consistent!

24 Hours in San Francisco

San Fran

What a whirlwind of a trip! San Francisco you expensive mecca of amazingly fashionable people and amazing cardio workouts – You have my heart now.

I recently had a work trip to San Francisco. It was a Monday-Wednesday seminar that didn’t leave anytime for sightseeing, so I flew in on Sunday at 9am. The day I arrived was the same day as Bay Breakers, the annual Zappos race that shuts down the streets…right where I was staying. So after the ninety minute stand still I put my bags down (my view was from the 27th floor) and headed out to see the city.

First off… it was freezing, so my amazing cute and chic outfits were replaced with my Under Armour hoody. Praise Jesus it gave me enough warmth to only use uber a couple of times.

So here is how the day went down:

10:00 – Hailed the mighty Uber to take me to the Ferry Building. The building had amazing smells because it was full of amazing food. I ate four macaroons and moved on.

10:30 – Grabbed a hot chocolate from Starbucks and started walking through the Financial District to Little Italy. Yelp had deemed a small restaurant the “must eat” for Italian cuisine.

11:40 – After a couple of diversions into some super chic and cute stores, I made my way to The Italian Homemade Company. <– This place was no joke, the best tortilleni I have ever had.

12:30 – Continued my walking up and down hills to Chinatown. The stores were full of fresh fruits, pastries, and veggies. The little souvenir stores were to die for. I picked up a couple of chopstick sets and a replica of a piece that was on Agents of Shield for Wes.

2:00 – I decided to hit Lombard Street with my Uber driver. This place was packed!

3:00 – Went to the Fine Arts building. It was beautiful and I wanted to stay forever.

5:00 – Headed up to Coit Tower. That was the most amazing view but the walk was killer.

6:30 – Grabbed some wine from floor 38 in the hotel that I was in. It had panoramic views of the city.

8:00 – Went to a local hotspot for dinner, I for the life of me can not remember the name.

10:00 – I went to bed. Because I’m old.

I’m heading to San Fran again in September. Anything you’d recommend I check out?

5 Things.. for 5 Years

Five Years


Today I celebrate my five-year wedding anniversary with my best friend, soulmate, and partner in crime. It’s interesting the longer time marches on, the more I realize that the “old” people in my life growing up were right about a lot of things.

Telling people that it is my five-year anniversary has warranted unique comments and facial expressions. “You’ve been married for five years; that is a huge milestone in this day and age.” <- I can’t believe this is what I hear because I still feel like a newlywed. I guess in the era of easy marriages, easy divorces, Wes and I are an anomaly.

So my anomaly self-has five things to share about being married for five years.

1. Welcome kids when you are both ready to give up each other for awhile. I mean this truthfully, you have to be willing to be okay with a “roommate” like status for a little while. Sleep deprivation, being peed and barfed on, not having “that body”, it can take a toll on one’s self-esteem. Then you throw in that this little person needs you SO much that anyone who can fend for themselves…well, frankly you don’t care because they can make a sandwich.

2. Don’t be afraid to have a conversation. Is it uncomfortable to talk about money? Yes. Is it uncomfortable to talk about sex? Yes. Is it uncomfortable to tell them to turn the toilet paper roll or you are going to go insane? Well probably not on that one. But, honestly, you have to have conversations about certain things. Look at it this way, you married your best friend…who else would you rather talk to about things than them?

3. Don’t fart in front of them. <- Just that. It’s not sexy, it’s not funny, and in the ten years we’ve been together it hasn’t ever happened. It will stay this way.

4. Remember who you are. You are great as a Mr. or Mrs. but you are still your own person. Don’t forget your roots, don’t forget what makes you tick, and don’t be afraid to do your own thing once and awhile.

5. Don’t forget about each other. Crazy for me to have this as a tip but when your with someone for a long time, they become your constant. The one thing that doesn’t change. BUT that doesn’t mean you should forget about them. Hug them when they come in the door. Spend a couple minutes on a Saturday morning playing footsie in bed when the sun comes up and ask them how they are doing. Send a text message letting them know they are the best thing in your life.