Fitness For Lazy Girls

I had such wonderful feedback about my Lazy Girl Fitness Routines that I’d thought I would share more. This routine is called: commercial Break. Who doesn’t like to watch TV? It’s mindless and a great way to un wind after a long day.  So when your show breaks for a commercial, try these two ab exercises.

First 3 commercials (90 seconds) hold a plank, you can do this on your elbows or you can prop your feet on a couch for an elevated plank. Keep your shoulders in line with your finger tips, or go one step further and lean your shoulders a little bit over your finger tips.

Follow this up by putting your feet on your TV stand or couch and do 2 second crunches. Pretend you have two places to hit before you finish your crunch, crunch up halfway, hold for one second and then all the way up and hold for one second. You’ll do this exercise for the remaining 3 commercials (90 seconds).

Head back to the couch for your show and then repeat! It’s the easiest lazy girl ab workout ever.

8 thoughts on “Fitness For Lazy Girls

  1. Sarah S.

    Awesome :) I do tend to do only little spurts of exercise here and there… and to think I was a gym rat three years ago (sigh). Please come up with something I can do while reading a novel lying down on the couch, LOL

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