Pregnant Lady on the Beach

We found great parking, a perfect spot on the beach watching the waves and it was the perfect 85 degree’s outside. We sprayed each other down (poorly) with sunscreen , laid out the blankets and sat down. Then 20 minutes later my husband rolled over while I looked and him and then it hit me…HOW am I going to get the back side? My stomach doesn’t just dissipate when I lay down it’s a rock, and I’ll be squishing my poor little man. So I told Wes “Um, I can’t lay down on my belly”… we both looked at each other and laughed.

Some of the Twitter suggestions were to dig a hole in the sand but this seemed like to much work, so I ended up standing for a bit and then roasting my front side.

I didn’t even think about this cunundrum which makes me wonder what else is in store for me for the rest of this pregnancy.

5 thoughts on “Pregnant Lady on the Beach

  1. AJ

    I never thought about that! I’m no where near being prego, but I sleep on my stomach, so that will be a challenge if/when I do decide to have kids! Wow! PS…your teeny tiny belly is too cute!


    • Meghan Bailey

      Yes it is quite the predicament lol. Thank you for the compliment on my belly. I’ve never had anything in that area before so it’s quite strange to have a gut even though I know it’s a baby.

  2. Christi

    I burned in 20 minutes when I was pregnant… even with sunscreen, the high SPF kid kind. Me and the sun took a hiatus for 2 years; yes, 2 years, back to back pregnancies. Next to come, the disappearing feet act. :-)

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