Baseball and Sugar



For anyone who lives in a city that just had a snow storm or tons of rain… I am sorry for this post. But, over here in Las Vegas, we are soaking in the summer sun already!

What better way to soak up the sun than celebrate birthdays in the park. Logan’s friend Eli turned One, and everyone came out to celebrate. Logan’s newest obsession is baseball; we even made a special trip to Toys R Us to buy him a tee ball set. So lucky for him, Eli’s birthday was sports themed. Maria did an amazing job with fun activities for the kids. There was a splash pad (my kid wasn’t expecting it), soft baseballs to throw around, and, of course, a bubble station.

You guys, I think fall and winter birthday’s get the shaft. It’s so much more fun to cake on the sunblock and head outside. Happy Birthday, Eli!

The discussion of hair….


His mane may not be as lush and full as other babies, but it sure is out of control. I took this photo one evening and the next morning I saw it again and thought to myself…Woah that baby is a hot mess, wait, he is mine. Smack my head, time for a haircut. While I could have (and will in the future) just done it myself, I wanted to see how his first trip to a hair stylist would turn out.

I brought along my little side-kick and Logan’s adopted sister Kaylee. Everything was cool until he had to sit in the little train. Then my son turned into the incredible hulk and had immediate crocodile tears. We went as quickly as we could.


Okay, let’s get real about the haircut experience.

1. Why are you saving hair? They had a package that was cheaper than getting just a normal haircut, and it included hair and a picture. The stylist just grabbed it off the floor to put in the bag. I probably don’t even have a 100% logan hair bag. Even if I…ew.

2. 18 bucks… Holy crap. I can buzz his hair with a trimmer just as well for free.

3. Dum Dum Suckers… Why do they still make these?

4. Can we get some kid friendly stylists? I was afraid of the one Logan had.


At least he looked cute after.

Bikini Series

Bikini Series


In the Tone It Up world, today, is Christmas! The Bikini Series (fifth annual) starts today. I have been a K&K junkie for the last five years. I was one of the first adopters of their lean, clean, and green lifestyle motto. Now I am sharing with you (what the hell took me so long), because if you want a lifestyle change, these are the girls to turn too. In addition to their amazing motivating style, they have created a community of women that is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever seen. Motivation and accountability is the game, that is why I started an instagram account to help inspire and be inspired (tiu.meg).

So how many days do you have to say “I’ll start tomorrow”… Start today, it will be the beginning of a new you. I’ll be your cheerleader, because we all know I like to be loud ;-)!!

Welcome Back Tone It Up Bikini Series… Welcome Back!

Meal Plan

I’ll be sharing my meal plan and grocery list on a weekly basis (obviously a little late on this one). I’ll take any suggestions you got! They have an amazing nutrition plan and I’ll be pinning my weekly eats on Pinterest.

Meals: Hummus Chicken and TONS of Veggies
Taco Soup
Turkey Burgers

Snacks: Grapefruit and Almonds
Pineapple and Strawberries
Cucumbers and Apples
Carrots and Strawberries
Trail Mix (Made with almonds, dried cranberries, flax-seed, walnuts)

Drinks: Water, Water, Water

Breakfasts: Smoothies
Whole Wheat Toast and Turkey Bacon

Let’s do this babes!

Easter (A little belated)

11138567_10205058836285238_1032345915047754241_n Easter

Better late than never, right? Holiday’s are starting to get better and better as the years roll through. Logan is starting to understand how cool it is to get gifts, hang out with his family with no distractions and have delicious dinner (or cupcakes). We headed up to where Wes’ family lives. They just bought a new house so Logan took his time exploring and of learned that it was bigger than the last house so he could run around more.

Easter morning we took Logan to the park. He has a new obsession with the swings, he loves them and can go for hours if we’d let him. After the park we had lunch (Easter lunch and Thanksgiving Dinner can’t be beat) and then went on an Egg hunt. Logan’s basket was full of Under Armor shoes and outfits. You see Logan refuses to wear jeans now, he will take them off and say “no, schworts”. So it was basketball shorts and a polo for Easter, so fancy of him.

Can you believe this was his third Easter? He is growing up so fast.

3rd easter

The Art of Hiking


Take one 22 pound two year old who doesn’t want to walk, mix in a cup of goldfish cracker crumbles that said two year old squished in your hair and top off with forgetting to pack a backpack vs. knapsack and you’ve got the art of hiking…with my two year old.

I thoroughly enjoy taking Logan to do new things and in my quest to be more active while still being a mom (because I would SO rather play with Logan than go to spin class) I decided to take Wes and Logan on a bridge hike.

Red Springs is near Calico Basin and Red Rock. The Red Springs “hike” consists of a lot of long wooden bridges with some of the most beautiful backdrops (that can be found in the desert). Logan has never been “hiking” and would not stop saying “hikkkiiiinnnggg” as we drove to Red Springs. But, that was all for nothing because he decided that hiking was for the birds and had me carry him the whole time. As I was carrying him he seemed to get heavier and heavier the more I walked, but I realized something. One thing is true, kids grow up fast. For a working mom, this seems to be doubly true. Sometimes you get so caught up in a work deadline or a function on the horizon that you don’t realize the sooner that event happens; the sooner your little one is that much older. So (good-bye parenting tips) I’m hanging on to him as long as possible. If he wants to be my little boy, I will surely NOT be stopping him anytime soon.

In other news, because this article IS so not jumping around. I am about to embark on my 5th Bikini Series through the tone it up girls, and I started an accountability Instagram – SO come follow my journey of trying to make fitness and motherhood work @tiu.meg


WTF Confidence.


We all have confidence fails but no one talks about them, and I say boo to that.

Lately, I have been feeling guilty for working (yet again). I have been feeling guilty everytime daycare calls and tells me Logan has bumped his head, or tripped on his shoes, or is not feeling good. How can I not be there for him when this happens? Why am I putting him in these situations at such a young age? Is he mad at me for making him go to daycare and not stay home with me? And then on top of all of that guilt I have been having a hard time feeling valued at work.

I know why I am working. I am working to make sure Logan doesn’t grow up in the same manner I did. While we had what we needed most times, we never experienced life. We did not go on family vacations; I had to work at the gymnastics club to pay for my lessons, I worked 18 hours a week starting at age 14 to save for a car. I do not want him to have to live like that. I want to make memories on the beach with him, see his eyes light up on a roller coaster, watch him run like a crazy person after eating cotton candy at the fair all while sporting some great sneaks. Sometimes though, when your not confident in what you are doing, it trickles into other areas of life.

Value is a hard thing to calculate because everyone values themselves in different ways. Some people are strictly on the monetary side, some people on the responsibility and trust, others on independence. While value isn’t a one-size-fits-all. I can tell you mine stems from a little of all, and not necessarily in a bad way. After speaking with my therapist, (aka the husband) things became a little clearer. I made a pro-con list, yes, a pro-con list. It was interesting to see how one con can effect your self-confidence, even though, your pro list is off the charts.

So how does one fix this? Well, I am working on it. I’m trying to make sure Logan knows I am there for him, at all times during the day and I’m working on the con section to fill the gaps. It may not be perfect but hey sometimes confidence needs to be built.