That Happened… Wedding Version

Bailey Wedding 2010

When I first wrote this, Wes and I had were celebrating four years married and nine years together. Now, it is our 5 year anniversary and I still say…  If I have learned one thing nothing goes as planned. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small dinner party or a big wedding, something is sure to go totally wrong or totally right.

So… Now that the bills have been paid and the dress preserved – let’s journey back to 2010 and discuss some of these “That Happened…” moments.

Bailey Wedding 2010

We all wore a shoe that has a ruffle. This was the one and only time I wore these shoes. 

Bailey Wedding 2010

These two were very excited to be flower girls….


They had to be flower girls.

Bailey Wedding 2010

Yep. That happened

MeghanWes-0359Bailey Wedding 2010

Wes dad dominated him in a game of pool. Not even on his wedding day was he allowed to win.


At 1:00 am the day of my wedding, we all had the brilliant idea to have fun walkouts for the bridal party. This was the meeting for them to go over what was going to happen.

It was a huge crowd pleaser, even if the guys didn’t know about it until 1 hour till showtime.

Bailey Wedding 2010

A memory worth keeping!

Bailey Wedding 2010

We found out my dad is hella photogenic.. Who would have known.


Speaking of photogenic… Out of 1900 photos, there isn’t one bad one of these two.

Bailey Wedding 2010

She’s been my bestie for over 10 years. This is when she lived in Hawaii and put us all to shame on the tan factor.

Bailey Wedding 2010

I hate ants all over my dress at this point.

Bailey Wedding 2010

I was re-thinking a June wedding at this point… Look how sweaty my forehead is!!


This is the picture of a mom who didn’t know we were doing Mother/Son, Father/Daughter dances.


And this guy at the bar ended up costing us $400 because he got smashed and smashed in the bathroom mirror. So, watch who people bring as their plus ones…


This is the one and only time I wore and will wear a cowboy hat….It was my Father-In-Law’s

Bailey Wedding 2010

Two Cosmos…I did not drink them. I am still sad until this day.

Bailey Wedding 2010

Someone played the chicken dance… and I hate that song.

It does look like I’m about to take my anger out on poor Wendy.

Bailey Wedding 2010

This little guy…he isn’t so little anymore :(

Bailey Wedding 2010

Instead of a bouquet toss, I gave my flowers to the couple who has been married the longest. 46 years…and the advice he gave Wes. Learn to say yes…frequently (Side note: Kathy lost her battle with cancer, R.I.P, you’re a beautiful soul and we lost a great one).

Bailey Wedding 2010

To get everyone on the dance floor at the same time, tell them your taking a group picture… THEN start the music. Everyone stays and dances. I wish I could tell you whats going on here but some poses are meant to be secrets till the grave.

Young – Healthy – Fearless

Young and Fearless

Life motto at the moment: Live Young, Healthy, and Fearless.

Time may march on, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up being youthful, fearless, and healthy.

Swing on swings
Head the farmers market and try something new
Remember the love you had when you first met
Keep trying new things
Don’t forget your daily Vitamin D with a side of SPF
and mostly LIVE!!

This is why I haven’t been blogging lately. I’ve been busy living. Weekends have been carved out for my son and my husband and sometimes even me. Weeknights are full of reading and bath time and basketball and whatever else we feel like doing in the moment.

I’ve learned a lot of things from Logan but this time I’ve learned something from the time I’ve had with Logan. It goes extremely fast, and I can’t get it back. This kid is creeping in on being 2 1/2 already, how can this be?

So take the time to be Young, Healthy, and Fearless.

Do what makes you happy.

Make choices that can keep you around the ones you love longer.


And be fearless!!!

I tried it – Cycling


Remember me preaching that you have to find “you” time? I started feeling like a hypocrite because I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching. Sometimes you have all the best intentions to be your own person but at the end of being Mrs. Bailey and Mommy, a girl just wants to kick up her feet up and drink some wine.

But instead of wine drinking, I decided to call my friend Larry and tell him after five years of telling him I’d try cycling that I was ready to go. He. Was. Thrilled.

I give mad props to cyclists. I clocked in 13 miles with an average speed of 12.5 MPH and the fasted at 22 MPH. It was so much fun, I really like to ride a bike. The weather was perfect, the route was a semi-incline at 3% grade the way there and pretty much cake on the way back. My only complaint was how bad my lady parts felt afterward. I mean, woah, it was intense. So if that could get fixed I would cycle more.

Next up… Mountain Biking (on the bunny slopes ;-)

Why Logan is Logan.


I had an email from a reader (yay!) asking me how I decided on the name Logan. She is 36 weeks pregnant and her and her husband can’t compromise on a name.

Let me first start off by saying that I loved the name Ryan. Wes hated the name Ryan. So Logan is not a Ryan (obviously). When we started going through names the only ones that Wes liked were comic book names, I wasn’t as attached to a name (besides Ryan) so I was open. This was the list that I was given:


Anyone see a common theme here. It’s all about the Spiderman, Batman, Superman, etc. etc. So while I was given the list of approved names from Wes, I had to decided on the final. Since my brother’s name is Tony and my dad is Steven, so bye-bye Iron Man and Captain America. I couldn’t have imagined naming him Loki, Bruce, Peter or Thor. So it was Lex, Clark, or Logan. Then when I saw the blue balloons I just knew it was meant to be…. Logan was meant to be.

Don’t stress about naming your baby. If you screw it up, that’s what nicknames are for. I mean think about it… William is Willie, Bill, Will, Liam, etc.

p.s. Logan is Wolverine ;-) Kind of fits his fighter mentality, right?

Happy… Birthday

Mother's Day

Date: Sunday, May 10th, Mother’s day.

Task: Enjoy the little one who made me a mommy

Step One: Logan runs down the hallway and throws his arms around me and then looks at me and says “Happy Birthday”.

Say whatttt

Okay my heart melted in a million pieces. He was so proud of himself for wishing me happiness on Mother’s Day, so who cares if it’s a birthday wish.

One thing that is frustrating as a working mom is to stop and just be. It’s either all about my career or all about my family. So commercial or not, it was nice to just be on Mother’s Day. Grabbing a workout, snagging an amazing “happy birthday” gift from my best guy, and laying outside in the sun while everyone napped was all and more I could have asked for.

I am also very excited for my friend Veronika and the exciting news she shared! SHE makes motherhood look good and even if I haven’t met her in person, I think she’s pretty freaking amazing.

So cheers to just being on Mother’s Day.

Happy Birthday!

Mothers Day

Want to see the Mother’s Day video from Logan? It’s on Instagram – violetsageblog

Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother's Day

Workout Tops (1,2) | Nike Shoes | Shampoo and Conditioner | Alexa Tote in Nude | Coordinates Necklace | BCBG Shoes


Dear Dads, 

Guess what… Moms are pretty simple, if you take a minute to step out of the “norm” idea of gifts. We love pictures of our babies and we don’t want to cook on Mother’s Day. When it comes to gift giving, think outside of the box. Look at what we like but rarely do/get. Be creative and remember who your wife is too (and no our name is not just mom). 

Much Love,

Moms Everywhere

With that being said… Here are some of my favorite picks this year

For the athletic mom: We love graphic tops with inspiration and cute shoes. Easy Peasy

For the beauty mom: Spa is nice, but so is something that lasts… For me, that is my favorite shampoo that I feel is too expensive to buy

For the working mom: hello nude bag and fabulous shoes

For the moms in all of us: a necklace with the coordinates of where your child was born

I can’t wait to spend the day with my little man and soak in as much love as I can get. What is on your docket?