Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother's Day

Workout Tops (1,2) | Nike Shoes | Shampoo and Conditioner | Alexa Tote in Nude | Coordinates Necklace | BCBG Shoes


Dear Dads, 

Guess what… Moms are pretty simple, if you take a minute to step out of the “norm” idea of gifts. We love pictures of our babies and we don’t want to cook on Mother’s Day. When it comes to gift giving, think outside of the box. Look at what we like but rarely do/get. Be creative and remember who your wife is too (and no our name is not just mom). 

Much Love,

Moms Everywhere

With that being said… Here are some of my favorite picks this year

For the athletic mom: We love graphic tops with inspiration and cute shoes. Easy Peasy

For the beauty mom: Spa is nice, but so is something that lasts… For me, that is my favorite shampoo that I feel is too expensive to buy

For the working mom: hello nude bag and fabulous shoes

For the moms in all of us: a necklace with the coordinates of where your child was born

I can’t wait to spend the day with my little man and soak in as much love as I can get. What is on your docket?



I mentioned that we took Logan to Los Angeles for his check up but what I forgot to mention is the amazing trip we had prior to that. Last year when everything was happening with Logan we would drive up and back in 24 hours. Logan started noticing that when he’d be in the car for a long time that he would end up in a Doctor’s office being poked and prodded. So Wes and I decided that we would make his follow-up appointments more fun. We left on Friday (driving while Logan sleeps is the only way to do it) bound for Aliso Viejo. They have a hotel there that is connected to a large club sport. So not only do they have amazing pools, a kids water park, fresh food, tons of water stations to use at will, a large room, clean cribs, great staff, and a 20,000 sq. ft. work out facility, they have daycare. That is right people, a daycare that you can use for up to three hours a day as long as you stay on property.

Saturday we took Logan swimming, played football, went shopping, let him play in the daycare, drink smoothies and eat as many pancakes as he wanted. Then on Sunday we headed up to Pico Rivera where my brother lives. We spent the day with them at a Wildlife Park where all Logan wanted to do was swing. We headed into Downey for Ice Cream and Tacos before letting Logan run out his energy and ham it up for his Uncle and Aunt at their house. We made it to Downtown Los Angeles RIGHT before the Clippers playoff game.

I hope these small trips make it easier for Logan when he has to endure these follow-ups. I know them for sure help mom and dad’s nerves.

Next time we will take him to Pretend City… Timing didn’t work out to go, but next time we will!


The Stress of a Follow-Up



If you’ve been following along you know that Logan has a rare eye condition that the best doctors in the world still have no answers for. After our exam under anesthesia had come back negative for Cancer last year, we were elated, but we still do not have any answer as to what his eye condition is. So we travel to Los Angeles to see our doctor and make sure there haven’t been any changes. The first follow up happened this past Monday, and I was a nervous wreck. Have you ever been a nervous wreck without realizing it? It wasn’t until after the appointment ended that I started shaking, crying, and I carried a headache the rest of the day.

We arrived a little early to our appointment. The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is amazing, the care they give kids is so far above what most healthcare clinics are doing. They had books, an x-box, Disney of the TV’s, and two rooms to wait (one with toys the other calmer). It felt like it was no longer than we sat down that we were called back to the dilation room. Logan fought us, but we were able to give him his dilation drops. We turned on his YouTube Little Baby Bum songs to help calm him down as we waited for them to take effect. Just a short ten minutes after that we went into the exam room and met with Dr. Lee. For the exam, I held Logan and once I did he turned into the Incredible Hulk, he is so strong, the nurse opened his eye while the doctor held his head and finished the exam. Even though we still have to hold Logan down for his exam, the doctor and nurse are not rough or scary (unlike the Retina Specialists of Nevada who I would NEVER recommend anyone to take their child too). The doctor then talked to Logan and gave him something to play with while we talked. He kept telling the doctor “bye-bye” and running to the door.

The doctor told us that there was no change in Logan’s eye (talk about relief) and instead of coming back in four months, we could come back in six. He also wanted us to patch the right eye and see how Logan reacts. The doctor explained that he won’t have 20/20 vision, but he may have some since his eye doesn’t slip in toward the right eye. We were advised to try it but depending on Logan’s reaction is if we continued or not. We tried patching when we got home, I’ve never seen so much panic in my son’s face. He was scared, not mad, just scared. I was about a foot in front of him and Wes was holding him up and asked him to walk to mama…my sweet boy was putting his hand out and waving it up and down asking for me in a horrified voice. So needless to say, he can not see, he is blind in his left eye, and I will not be doing that again until he can talk to me and understand what is happening.

Until that happens, he will continue his supernormal life as the coolest kid in the world.


Baseball and Sugar



For anyone who lives in a city that just had a snow storm or tons of rain… I am sorry for this post. But, over here in Las Vegas, we are soaking in the summer sun already!

What better way to soak up the sun than celebrate birthdays in the park. Logan’s friend Eli turned One, and everyone came out to celebrate. Logan’s newest obsession is baseball; we even made a special trip to Toys R Us to buy him a tee ball set. So lucky for him, Eli’s birthday was sports themed. Maria did an amazing job with fun activities for the kids. There was a splash pad (my kid wasn’t expecting it), soft baseballs to throw around, and, of course, a bubble station.

You guys, I think fall and winter birthday’s get the shaft. It’s so much more fun to cake on the sunblock and head outside. Happy Birthday, Eli!

The discussion of hair….


His mane may not be as lush and full as other babies, but it sure is out of control. I took this photo one evening and the next morning I saw it again and thought to myself…Woah that baby is a hot mess, wait, he is mine. Smack my head, time for a haircut. While I could have (and will in the future) just done it myself, I wanted to see how his first trip to a hair stylist would turn out.

I brought along my little side-kick and Logan’s adopted sister Kaylee. Everything was cool until he had to sit in the little train. Then my son turned into the incredible hulk and had immediate crocodile tears. We went as quickly as we could.


Okay, let’s get real about the haircut experience.

1. Why are you saving hair? They had a package that was cheaper than getting just a normal haircut, and it included hair and a picture. The stylist just grabbed it off the floor to put in the bag. I probably don’t even have a 100% logan hair bag. Even if I…ew.

2. 18 bucks… Holy crap. I can buzz his hair with a trimmer just as well for free.

3. Dum Dum Suckers… Why do they still make these?

4. Can we get some kid friendly stylists? I was afraid of the one Logan had.


At least he looked cute after.

Bikini Series

Bikini Series


In the Tone It Up world, today, is Christmas! The Bikini Series (fifth annual) starts today. I have been a K&K junkie for the last five years. I was one of the first adopters of their lean, clean, and green lifestyle motto. Now I am sharing with you (what the hell took me so long), because if you want a lifestyle change, these are the girls to turn too. In addition to their amazing motivating style, they have created a community of women that is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever seen. Motivation and accountability is the game, that is why I started an instagram account to help inspire and be inspired (tiu.meg).

So how many days do you have to say “I’ll start tomorrow”… Start today, it will be the beginning of a new you. I’ll be your cheerleader, because we all know I like to be loud ;-)!!

Welcome Back Tone It Up Bikini Series… Welcome Back!

Meal Plan

I’ll be sharing my meal plan and grocery list on a weekly basis (obviously a little late on this one). I’ll take any suggestions you got! They have an amazing nutrition plan and I’ll be pinning my weekly eats on Pinterest.

Meals: Hummus Chicken and TONS of Veggies
Taco Soup
Turkey Burgers

Snacks: Grapefruit and Almonds
Pineapple and Strawberries
Cucumbers and Apples
Carrots and Strawberries
Trail Mix (Made with almonds, dried cranberries, flax-seed, walnuts)

Drinks: Water, Water, Water

Breakfasts: Smoothies
Whole Wheat Toast and Turkey Bacon

Let’s do this babes!

Easter (A little belated)

11138567_10205058836285238_1032345915047754241_n Easter

Better late than never, right? Holiday’s are starting to get better and better as the years roll through. Logan is starting to understand how cool it is to get gifts, hang out with his family with no distractions and have delicious dinner (or cupcakes). We headed up to where Wes’ family lives. They just bought a new house so Logan took his time exploring and of learned that it was bigger than the last house so he could run around more.

Easter morning we took Logan to the park. He has a new obsession with the swings, he loves them and can go for hours if we’d let him. After the park we had lunch (Easter lunch and Thanksgiving Dinner can’t be beat) and then went on an Egg hunt. Logan’s basket was full of Under Armor shoes and outfits. You see Logan refuses to wear jeans now, he will take them off and say “no, schworts”. So it was basketball shorts and a polo for Easter, so fancy of him.

Can you believe this was his third Easter? He is growing up so fast.

3rd easter