Lazy Girl Fitness – Laundry

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Who doesn’t have to do laundry? It’s one chore that is never-ending because even while you wash everything you own…you still have the clothes on your back that will be dirty after this chore.

Enter Lazy Girl Fitness, Laundry style. Here are two things I like to do while I’m doing laundry. The first is a dead lift with the laundry basket. Squat down, lift your laundry with you and then above your shoulders for a little extra. Do this 15 times each time you have a new load (dirty or clean).

Once you’ve dead lifted your laundry, time to fold it. What better way to fold but with a wall sit! Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and then proceed to sit against the wall (keeping your back flat) and fold. If it gets too easy, try going on your toes in a releve, shoot for folding 5 pieces of laundry at a time.


  1. haha this is a good chore for fitness. my laundry machine and dryer are side by side, so when i’m taking out wet clothes (from the top) and putting them into the dryer (which is bottom) I feel like i’m doing a bunch of lunge and squats!

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