Lazy Girl Fitness – Walking and CounterTops

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Everyone has a counter top!! Why not do some standing push ups? Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and start performing standing push ups. Do 30!

I don’t walk… I lunge through my hallways. Try this all day long and see how that butt feels in the morning.


  1. I came across your blog whist perusing through Pinterest…thanks for these workout tips and photos! Eagerly awaiting your posts now🙂

  2. I’m a nurse and do 12 hour shifts which leaves me no time to workout after work (and I’m to tired). I do the standing pushups at the nurses station and lunge my way around the unit all day…also wall sits. I have even recruited some followers! My boyfriend says he can see a difference in my butt😉

  3. Love it! As a homeschool mom of 5 I struggle getting my exercise in, but I walk my hallway many times each day. From now on I’m lunging! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to reading more!!

  4. This is great! I have a desk job and do the push ups (plus tricep-dips, squats, and butt abductors) after every time I go to the restroom–after I wash my hands, of course🙂 12-20 reps of each, keeps my blood flowing, increases cal-burns despite the sedentary job, and makes the day go by just a bit faster! Thanks for sharing these great tricks and techniques!

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