Clippers Game

Over the weekend we made our way to the Staples Center to watch the LA Clippers take on the UT Jazz. I haven’t been to a NBA game since I was 8, needless to say an arena looks a lot bigger when your 8. The Staples Center has so much history and was a lot of fun to sit and watch a game. There were so many options for food (a McDonalds…with McFlurry’s), the vendors weren’t obnoxious and everyone there was polite. The only con’s I have…the team store was lame and there was absolutely NO leg room, in fact if your over 5’10” I don’t know how you manage in those seats.

Have you been to an NBA game?


  1. I wish I could have gone to a Pistons game before they started to suck😦 It was amazing fun at the bars back in college when they won the playoffs! BTW girl you look hot in red! Get more red clothes, haha🙂

    • Really? Red for me, I’ve always though the color was harsh on me… Maybe I’ll have to try it🙂

      You should go see the Pistons anyways, trust me It’s fun no matter what

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