Lazy Girl Fitness – Microwave Abs

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Raise your hand if you are so busy most of your meals (healthy or not) are made in the microwave. I know that mine are!

Now, Raise your hand if you want Abs of Steel, luckily I’ve got two fab ab workouts that you can do while you microwave your dinner.

Exercise one: Abs Twists – Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, stand up as tall as you can and squeeze your abs. Twist back and forth as many times as you can, the more you do the better your abs will get!

Exercise 2 – Leg Lift Twists – After you burn out your abs twisting, try it with a leg twist. Same stance as the first exercise but then I lift my opposite leg with the twist and “crunch” down a little.


  1. And here I thought I was the only Lazy Girl. I’ve been doing similar things while brushing my teeth, washing/drying my hands at work or even just taking a couple minutes in the bathroom at work to do some squats. Wherever/whenever I can. Awesome! Thanks for the new ideas!

  2. Hi! My friend shared your blog on my Facebook timeline { networking at its finest}. She knows I’ve been trying to eat clean..kind of…and thought I’d enjoy your blog. You had me at Lazy Girl Workout!

  3. Can you email me the lazy girl fitness routines so i can print them as well? mr.mac4 at gmail dot com?
    (i wrote it weird so i don’t get spammed by computers, its normal email form :))

  4. I do a wall sit while I brush my teeth. Also I flip my hair over to blow dry, so I do a squat while doing that. While the baby is playing the bathtub, I put my hands on the counter behind me and do reverse push-ups.

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