Lazy Girl Fitness – Play Like A Kid

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Ready to play like a kid…or play with your kids? These two exercises will help your cardio and help you tone up your lower back and booty!

First – Climb the Mountain. Start in a push up position with your feet together and your booty low. Then start “running” by switching your feet. Try to do a minute without stopping, or you can race your little one up a “mountain”.

Second – Superman!!! Start laying on your stomach then lift up and hold. You can also move your feet back and forth like scissors for even more of a challenge.

*Please Note – I am not a certified personal trainer. Do these exercises at your own risk, consult your doctor before starting any serious training program*


  1. I’ll try this out with my kids and see if they like it. I think they’ll have fun with the mountain climber but for the superman they’d probably jump on my back and tell me to mush. LOL

    Loving your blog, btw.🙂 Glad I found you on Pinterest.

  2. It is best to suck in your stomach. Like try to pull your belly button as far in towards your spine as you can get it so as not to strain your back. It strengthens your core and works for any lifting that you do.

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