Pregnant Lady on the Beach

We found great parking, a perfect spot on the beach watching the waves and it was the perfect 85 degree’s outside. We sprayed each other down (poorly) with sunscreen , laid out the blankets and sat down. Then 20 minutes later my husband rolled over while I looked and him and then it hit me…HOW am I going to get the back side? My stomach doesn’t just dissipate when I lay down it’s a rock, and I’ll be squishing my poor little man. So I told Wes “Um, I can’t lay down on my belly”… we both looked at each other and laughed.

Some of the Twitter suggestions were to dig a hole in the sand but this seemed like to much work, so I ended up standing for a bit and then roasting my front side.

I didn’t even think about this cunundrum which makes me wonder what else is in store for me for the rest of this pregnancy.


  1. I never thought about that! I’m no where near being prego, but I sleep on my stomach, so that will be a challenge if/when I do decide to have kids! Wow! PS…your teeny tiny belly is too cute!


    • Yes it is quite the predicament lol. Thank you for the compliment on my belly. I’ve never had anything in that area before so it’s quite strange to have a gut even though I know it’s a baby.

  2. I burned in 20 minutes when I was pregnant… even with sunscreen, the high SPF kid kind. Me and the sun took a hiatus for 2 years; yes, 2 years, back to back pregnancies. Next to come, the disappearing feet act.🙂

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