He came – He saw – He concurred

Life's a Beach Life's a Beach Life's a Beach Life's a Beach Life's a Beach

We just got back from a little family vacation!

We headed to Laguna Beach, California… my home away from home.

I’ve been taking Wes here since we started dating nine years ago.

Logan hasn’t ever been to the beach; he’s never put his toes in the sand, watched the waves or felt the water splash on his face. Until now…

We went to the beach (not to play, just to stroll and enjoy Nicks…yummy) the second day we were on vacation. It was a nice cool day; the beach was pretty busy with families enjoying the weekend. When we took Logan down to the beach, his face was priceless. The ocean in front of him was life changing, he was in awe and started to gibber gabber. Then…a wave came up to shore and splashed his little feet. His eyes got big, and he smiled from ear to ear, at that moment, my child was hooked.

We loved you beach! Can’t wait to come back and build sand castles next year.


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