Swimming is for everyone!

Swimming Swimming Swimming

Wes and I love water…and now it seems that my little bug loves it too. We started him in swimming lessons just a little after his first birthday. They were expensive but worth it, the confidence he has near a pool of water is incredible.

While we were on vacation, I noticed a lot of kids who were afraid to get in the water, their ages varied from 2-6. A couple of parents were getting mad that their kids did not want to swim in the pool and kept telling them they were afraid. That boggled my mind, but it also made me realize that taking small, confident steps when they are younger can help prepare them (and this goes for things other than swimming).

Here are some of my tips for starting your baby out in the pool!

1. Find a pool that is heated. Babies like comfort and cold pools will not leave a good first impression.

2. Put them in a swim diaper (not the disposable but a true swim diaper), this will relieve your stress of them making a mess.

3. Sit on the step of the pool with your baby first. Let them soak in the sounds, colors and activities going on. Splash their feet and make it a game.

4. Once you’re in the pool, it’s okay if they hold on to you at first but try to hold them in front of you with your arm around their waist.

5. Sing, Sing, Sing.. If you make everything a song and fun, they are going to be more engaged and relate the pool to fun times.

6. After swimming, shower them and put sensitive lotion on them.

Also, once your baby is done swimming they are going to get hungry and tired extremely fast. I remember bringing Logan home, bathing him, giving him some milk and then his pacifier and he passed out in the bath towel instantly.

Do you swim with your babies?

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  1. We swim with our little guy, who is almost 8 months old. Once he could take baths (vs sponge baths, before his cord stump fell off), he has LOVED water, anything water–the bath, water poured on his head, the shower, the pool, splash parks, the lake, all of it! My husband was apparently the same way as a kid (and ended up swimming competitively for 10 years…).

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