101 in 1001 – Update



Do you see the girl in this picture? That is me, but the me from July of 2013. A new mom who just had a baby. A new mom who looks tired, and may have photoshopped the dark circles under eyes out, but my hair looks amazing!!

This is my second 101 in 1001 days update. Last go around I was able to complete 88 out of 101. I’m getting ready to start a new challenge, and with just weeks left to go I have completed  only 53 so far. Let’s say — priorities changed.

If you check out this list you will see what the 101 in 1001 challenge is. To me, it’s an adventure journal. It challenges me to do things that I may forget because of day-to-day responsibilities.

So let’s put a line through some of the most recent completions!

#10 (a) – Meeting Aunt Kaylee. Aunt Kaylee lives in Oklahoma, and her daughter was born two years to the day after Logan was born.


#22 – Become a Director of Marketing… Check! This was during one of our holiday events. I work with amazing women.


#77 – Angel Tree Kid. I went above and beyond for this challenge. I organized a Giving Tree at my work. So anyone who needed help would receive it, and those who wanted to give gave to our own work family. Each family received a huge bag of toys and clothes along with the opportunity to “shop” stocking stuffers, wrapping paper, bows, and a gift card for dinner.


Giving Tree

Giving Tree

#82 – Start Logan’s 18 Year Ornament Collection

For this challenge, I decided to put his Christmas List into an ornament each year. That was I can always remember what he wanted that year. We now have three! The first one we did was a reminder that he was the gift. 

The Minimalist Files – Minimize to Maximize


Last year I became so overwhelmed with everything that was going on with my life that I wanted to try to do something to calm the F down. I took the 30-day minimalist challenge after watching a TedX talk about minimalism. There were so many things that resonated with me, but what hit me the most was:

“Work to become, not to acquire.”

Profound words for me. Consumerism, Social Media, Jonesing — It wasn’t working for me anymore. I was overwhelmed trying to look cool that I forgot that I am pretty freaking awesome. The thirty-day challenge turned into sixty, ninety, and now it’s ingrained into my life. I am now experiencing more vs. buying things. I love it, and I’m slowly moving more and more parts of my life into a minimalist lifestyle. But, minimalism isn’t about being boring or cheap. To me it’s about living more, and putting more time into experiences over buying another thing.

If you are thinking about moving into a minimalist lifestyle, you need to decide what is minimalism to you. To me, it’s about purging the excess, and living through experiences. One of the first things I started to tackle was my kitchen. The cabinets as you can see from above my cabinets were a mess, and every time I had to get a cup, plate, or bowl I would end up knocking over something I didn’t mean to grab.

So I made a 2 Rule:

2 Cups
2 Plates
2 Cups
etc…Per Person!
I donated the rest to a women’s shelter.

And Now…

Some clarity, and no more knocking over other pieces.


LA – Griffith Observatory

Los Angeles is quickly becoming our second home. With having to take Logan to the eye doctor twice a year and LA being the quickest weekend vacation spot, our family is becoming quite the regular honorary Californians.

This trip we decided to take a spin up to the Griffith Observatory. If you’ve never been here is my first tip for you; get there early or be prepared to feel the burn walking up the hill. We were, of course, the latter part of that tip, and adding my little man to the mix, my booty was on fire. How is that for some Lazy Girl Fitness – show up late, park far away, and add a 30-pound toddler for the hike up the hill.

Griffith Observatory

We arrived too late to take the kids to the show; they only allow children under the age of 5 in the first show in the morning. But, there was a lot more to do than just the show. We walked the grounds first. The views were unbelievable, I wish it were nighttime because I bet that view is magical.

The first floor was lost to us because the kids wanted to see the planets. In fact, Logan asked to see the moon. If you’ve never been downstairs in Griffith Observatory you are missing out, it is so cool. They scale all of the planets comparable to how they’d be next to each other. Pluto, you are a tiny planet, and you remind me of a Captain Crunch All Berry. After we walked about, tried out the hands-on exhibits, we grabbed a snack lunch in the cafeteria. There is something about potato chips and coke on ice when you are overlooking all of Los Angeles.

Griffith Observatory

Last but not least — we hit up the gift shop. Because everybody needs a NASA helmet and colorful spinning planet thing-a-ma-jig.

Have you been to LA? What are some things that we should check out the next time we are down there?

Griffith Observatory

My City – Snow Days


It’s true, you don’t necessarily associate the desert with a fun snow day opportunity unless you want to drive two-four hours to Utah. But, for a small and I do mean small window of time there are two places within a 45-minute drive that you can have some fun in the snow. It’s also the same location that you can escape the 100+ degree weather in the summer; this place is called Mt. Charleston.

There are two places you can go; Kyle Canyon or Lee Canyon. We chose Lee Canyon because there wasn’t as much snow yet on the Kyle Canyon side. It’s a surreal experience because you are driving up a mountain with no snow, and then BAM it’s snowing and gloomy. My Utah heart was in love at first flurry, but Logi wasn’t feeling the same. We tried to make snow angels, have a snowball fight, and chase each other. It was cold and Logan looked like Ralphy from a Christmas Story. The excursion didn’t last long, but we sure had five minutes of pure fun before Logi called it quits and asked for chicken fingers and french fries.

We headed up to the lodge and had just that. I had no idea we had a small ski resort, and it wasn’t that bad. They have a place to ride down inner tubes as well as three runs for skiing or snowboarding. Maybe next year we will have a little in ski school while Wes and I hit the three slopes.




Hulk Hands

Let there be paint.


Working moms can relate; sometimes we get the short end of the stick when it comes to spending a lot of time with our littles. I used to think that I was doing something wrong by working. The mom guilt is no joke, and it happens to all of us. It’s okay though, and you are not doing anything wrong.

It’s also not the amount of time you spend with your child, it’s about the amount of time you are present with your child.

Remember the life lesson my brilliant kid taught me about being in the moment? It’s true. My son is happy, he loves daycare, and I have built a village. But when it’s time to be with Logi, I am with him 100 percent.

Just so happened that Hulk was with us this day too.

Hulk Hands Hulk Hands

I Dior You!

I think I’ve mentioned in the past about my involvement with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk. It’s one of the coolest charity events I’ve ever seen. First, the walk is at night (hence “light the night”), and second most of the monies raised stays in your community.

The first year I was a part of the event I raised $725, a couple hundred short of being a Bright Light (Raising over $1,000). I was determined to reach the bright light status in 2015. But with everyone and their dog having fundraisers I had to get creative.

It’s call Dior you (and I totally just made that up).

Tips for Fundraising

My love for Dior makeup began a couple of years ago when I flew to my best friends wedding and left my makeup bag at home. With the Mac counter full, the clouds opened up, and a Dior makeup artist saved the day. So naturally when I bumped into another Dior artist and told her about what I was trying to accomplish, she mentioned she might be able to help.

Tips for Fundraising

The first annual I Dior You fundraiser was born. I raised over $600 in less than two hours, and everyone is still talking about it. So I wanted to share my steps for throwing a successful fundraiser.

1. Find something your group of friends love.

This is key. If you choose a beer tasting, and everyone who loves and supports you drinks wine, then your attendance will be lackluster. Knowing that all of my co-workers and friends loved being pampered and having their makeup done, this fundraiser was a no brainer.

2. Be creative with the presentation.

Instead of giving people what they expect from a fundraiser, bring an aspect of new to the table. Dior has done master classes or makeovers before. But, what they hadn’t done was “Speed Dating Your MakeUp”. I talked to my Dior artist and told her I wanted something fresh. I asked her to set up stations that everyone can stay at until they hear the DJ play a tune that tells them to move. This kept the night exciting because they all wanted to play with the product and engaged with the artists quickly because they didn’t know when the sound would come.

3. Have music, or have death.

Invest in a DJ, or take the time to make a killer playlist. Music sets the mood, and you don’t want a snooze-fest.

4. Charge upfront and be done.

There are so many ways to raise money, but knowing my crowd they didn’t want to be nickeled and dimed, or pressured to buy anything. So I charged a cover fee of $25. This included their makeup being applied, snacks, cute sodas, raffle tickets, and a lovely goody bag. I didn’t ask for any more money throughout the night, and I ended up getting additional donations just because they loved it and didn’t feel any pressure. I used Eventbrite; they had all the tools I needed including a ticket scanner on the app.

5. Send a Thank You Note.

When all was said and done I created a one-page Thank You note that I printed or emailed to everyone who attended. It had pictures of the event and said how much was raised for the charity. I received so many texts about this because no one had received a thank you for an event like that, and they asked when the next one was.

Do you throw fundraisers? I’d love to hear what has worked for you!

Tips for Fundraising

My City – The Mentalist

What an amazing city I live in! We see millions of tourists every year, and despite what polls say about how locals feel about tourists…we do love people visiting our city. As with many people who live in sought after destinations, we take our city for granted. But, the husband and I promised each other that 2016 was the year to reconnect as not just Logi’s parents, but as a couple, as Wes and Meg. It’s time to take you along to see my city, and, of course, I want to hear about your adventures too.

For Christmas my mother-in-law gave Wes and I tickets to see The Mentalist inside Planet Hollywood. I didn’t even know we had this show, but apparently it’s been around for along time. We had VIP front row tickets, which in my opinion was much better than having to hope and pray you could get a good seat with general admission tickets. Don’t get me wrong, there weren’t very many people with a less than desirable seat, but still, who’s to chance when the show is this awesome.

The Mentalist (the TV Show) was based around Gerry McCambridge, and now he has a stage show. He combines the detective skills he learned from his father along with his mindreading abilities. From divulging personal information such as addresses, birthdays, and pet names, to shooting himself in the head with a nail gun (for real, this happens), The Mentalist was awesome.
I don’t want to give anything away because it’s incredible what happens through the 90 minutes your in the show. I have a souvenir from one part of the show, the person next to me caught it but was afraid she’d have to go on stage, so she gave it to me.

After the show we walked a little north to a chocolate shop with an outdoor balcony you could people watch. The one thing I noticed – too many dudes in a group. No joke, guys, listen if you want to get lucky in Las Vegas stop traveling in such large groups. Have you seen the Mentalist? What did you think?


10 Is awesome, yes, of course, killed it!
1 Is it/they bombed, not worth it, to hyped up, it killed me!
Ticket Cost Value – 10
Entertainment Value – 10
Would I recommend it to friends – 10
For Locals – 10 (take hacienda through City Center and park on the side of PH)
Tips: Get VIP tickets, Don’t order the wine, participate if you can.

The Mentalist

Aloha New School


I wish this title meant I was freshly back from the Hawaiian Islands, but it’s not. This post is about engagement and getting what you need out of your child’s education. I understand Logan is only 2 1/2, but what I refuse to accept is the feeling that he is being held back in the learning department. Every time I dropped Logan off I would look around and I wasn’t engaged, I wasn’t inspired, and I knew Logan was thinking the same way.

So we recently decided to switch schools. He wasn’t learning at the rate I knew he could be, and I had the same trouble growing up, I learned differently. I was a hands on, show me once and I got it kind of girl. So when I would teach Logan the same way and he’d pick it up. I knew the school he was at wasn’t the right fit for him so as hard as it was we moved him to a new school, and I wish I would have done it sooner. In just two months he now says his ABC’s, speaks in Spanish (not just counting but speaks), knows his colors, numbers, sings 6 songs, can repeat animal noises when you ask him about an animal and more. I can’t believe the strides he has made in just two months.

A lot of people have told me that it’s all about your gut. And I think I’m figuring out this parenting thing called a gut. I didn’t understand it until I switched schools, but it’s all making sense now. I knew I wanted a more pro-active school, one that involved parents and parents engaged as well.

So back to these cute photos (see above). Logi’s school had a Luau. It was the first event where we’d see if there was parent participation, and boy were we surprised. It was packed! Everyone was playing with their kids, teaching them things, and I was shocked. I’m getting better at listening to my gut with this parenting thing.

Has anyone experienced this before? Tell me all about it!!

Thirteen Years

best friend and baby

Thirteen years of friendship and two babies later. I don’t know about you, but a true friend wasn’t something I fully grasped until around year 8 or 9 with my best friend. We haven’t lived in the same state in over ten years. She has lived in Hawaii, California, Utah while I stayed put in Nevada, But you guys we have stayed friends and here is why.

1. We talk about everything. YOU can not hold anything back and if you do a true friend will be super pissed with you. For example, when Logan was going through his cancer scare Kenna was five months pregnant. I didn’t want to stress her out so I held it in until one day she texted me out of the blue “What is wrong, something is wrong, I can sense it.” When I told her – with – pregnant rage.

2. Share your life while caring about their life. Just because you don’t see each other every day doesn’t mean you can not be involved in their life. We send each other cards, gifts for big life parties and make it a point just to be one call away.

3. Make time for them. Just like any relationship you have to foster it in person. So make time once a year to see them, and if that isn’t possible then open up Skype (hello 2015) and get moving.

I know this one has my back at all times, and if something ever happens to me, she will be the only one to tell Logan how freaking cool I was.

Best friends are hard to find. Don’t let them go.

Update on Minimalism


I wish I would have done this sooner. If you remember a couple posts back I talked about a 30 day minimalist challenge that I was venturing on. After the second day I too it a step further and moved into my every day life. I’ve paired down my clothing, kitchen, living room, Logan’s room, the laundry room, and the bathroom. I couldn’t believe how much “stuff” I had just sitting there that someone else could make use of.

My stress level has significantly dropped, my house is always cleaner, it’s easier to get dressed in the morning. You guys, this is the way to go. Stick around for more posts on how I did it but for now…go clean out your junk with a glass of wine and be prepared for instant relief.